About Us

My husband and I started this brand because we felt the baby bottle cleaning industry lacked safer and cleaner products. After our son was born, we became more aware of bacterial environments and worried about sponges and bottle brushes we used to clean his bottles. We found that we were constantly buying new ordinary brushes to replace them because of potential bacteria exposure. Not only this, but cleaning bottles in general was an extra task that always took much longer than anticipated. Therefore, we thought of an electric brush that would help speed the process along of cleaning bottles. We decided silicone was a safer option as it’s extremely anti-bacterial and durable. Silicone lasts much longer than the average cleaning brush and you’ll find that you may rarely ever have to replace it. Because of the easy, quick spinning of the brush, it can cater to those with hand and/or wrist issues that need a little extra help. Our brush allows minimal wrist use and it does the main job for you- keeping your baby’s bottle safe and well clean. We hope our customers can enjoy our product as much we do, from us parents to another